Community Strategies Unlimited, LLC
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Transforming ideas into original solutions, training concepts and engagement opportunities 

Our focus is public safety.  Our methods are innovative.  
We offer superior learning resources to law enforcement.
We develop programs within correctional facilities to promote successful prisoner reentry.
We work with communities to conceptualize better and safer neighborhoods.
How can we help you turn your vision into reality?  

We are partnering with St. Anselm College to present
"Inside Out:  Rethinking Approaches to Reintegration"
A week-long symposium on issues of incarceration and recidivism

This will be an intense, multi-disciplinary look at how reentry impacts our society.  
We will be presenting from the public safety perspective, and we hope you will be able to join us.


Law Enforcement Training Classes Currently Open for Enrollment:

"Pre-Incident Indicators of Violent Assault"

April 13, 2020
Worcester, MA Police Department
Register for Worcester
(Closing soon - few seats left)

April 15, 2020
Nashua, NH Police Department

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