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Reentry Programs

Our high-risk reentry program model focuses on a specific target population of county jail inmates who are at the greatest risk for reoffending, making them a significant threat to public safety should they return to criminal activity following their release.

Research shows that the human brain, particularly the center for decision-making, planning, and impulse control, continues to develop until age 25.  This, combined with the knowledge that the highest testosterone levels (linked to aggressive behavior) in males occur around the age of 20, focuses us on a category of individuals.  We have developed and implemented reentry initiatives addressing a cohort meeting prescribed criteria within the county jail setting, identifying extensive resources to promote the best chance of successful reintegration while also providing an education about the consequences of resuming a criminal "career" after their jail term is completed.

The individuals identified for these high-risk reentry initiatives include violent criminals, gang members and associates, people with multiple firearms offenses and high-level drug dealers, among others who pose the greatest threat to public safety.

We have developed and implemented this model in many county jails, strategically tailoring the framework to address the needs of the local community.  Under this model, once we have trained staff in program implementation, the local agency is empowered to sustain these reentry initiatives. 

Research on this reentry model has demonstrated a significant reduction in recidivism, both in violent crime and overall criminal activity.

(This is a very broad description of an intensive program.  We are pleased to provide additional information upon request.) 

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