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Community Strategies Unlimited, LLC, was founded in 2017 following three decades of immersion in the criminal justice community.  The company’s president, Martha Wyatt, served with the U.S. Department of Justice in the Boston U.S. Attorney’s Drug Enforcement Task Force, Major Crimes Unit, Organized Crime/Gang Unit, and the Office of the United States Attorney.  Prior to DOJ, Ms. Wyatt was a member of the administrative team in a New Hampshire law enforcement agency.

Our subject-matter expertise includes:

  • Coordination of training for thousands of law enforcement officers utilizing nationally-acclaimed trainers.  These classes are designed to promote officer safety, effective case articulation, firearms recognition and ballistics technology, effective and accurate report writing, and courtroom testimony.
  • Development and implementation of high-risk prisoner reentry programs in county jails, creating partnerships encompassing community providers, law enforcement, prosecutors, faith-based agencies and others, to introduce individuals at the highest risk for recidivism to those who can provide needed services, as well as raising awareness about the consequences of reoffending.
  • Working with community groups to outline and streamline their goals to make their neighborhoods safer, and objectives to identify collaborators who will work strongly with them, enhancing the prospect of achieving funding by becoming an “able and stable” entity.
  • Planning and execution of conferences and seminars.  We maintain our own online registration and payment system for the convenience of our attendees.

Our experience in diverse sectors of law enforcement, prosecution, corrections and grass-roots community initiatives has highlighted a need to focus on public safety in innovative and often-overlooked areas:

  • Enhancing law enforcement training tools to improve the safety of our police officers and, as a result, the safety of the public they serve.
  • Focusing on individuals who pose the greatest risk of re-offending after release from incarceration to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes, making our communities safer.
  • Empowering local organizations to make the most of available resources to improve the quality of life in their communities to promote the safety of all residents.

Community Strategies Unlimited, LLC serves municipal government entities, law enforcement agencies, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions and community groups.  We work with our clients to develop effective strategies within their environment – meeting them where they are to identify and clarify direction, objectives, and/or funding streams.  This comprehensive partnership approach integrates local and national providers and promotes the development and implementation of strategies that serve both the client and the community.

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