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Why Does Community Strategies Unlimited Charge for Law Enforcement Training?

Most importantly:
We employ top-shelf law enforcement trainers from around the United States.  These dedicated subject-matter experts have decades of hands-on law enforcement experience, both on the job and as professional instructors.  The quality of our training programs is borne out by a nearly 100% “excellent” or “very good” rating across the board on student evaluations.  The majority of your registration fee goes to the instructors’ fee and related travel expenses.  A small percentage covers administrative costs, including training materials, certificates, clerical services, etc.

Also, we provide a continental breakfast and full box lunch for all of our trainings.  This is a unique feature of our classes, but we feel it’s an important one in that it removes the distraction of hunger, decisions over where to go for lunch, and shortens the amount of time needed for a lunch break.  Occasionally a host agency will volunteer to provide breakfast and lunch; in those rare cases, we reduce the registration fee proportionately.

We invite you to compare our prices with similar law enforcement training providers – keeping the above factors in mind.  Sign up for one of our upcoming classes, and see for yourself.

All law enforcement training courses are instructed by former local, state and federal law enforcement officers and agents who have presented to thousands of students nationally and internationally.

Click on a course name below for detailed information.  If upcoming dates are not listed, the course is not currently scheduled but inquiries are welcome.

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